Multi-Cam Photo Booth

Freeze moments in time and create bullet-time, 3-D GIFs

array boot

Capture to impress with visually stunning multi-angle 3-D GIFS that are created using a system of several high-resolution cameras

What is a Multi-Cam Array Photo Booth?

Our Multi-Cam Array Photo Booth is a sophisticated system of cameras that uses 7 high-resolution DSLR cameras and synchronized studio lighting to simultaneously take a single shot from different angles at the same precise time. Each photo is instantly stitched together into an animation which creates a dynamic 3-D GIF, creating a bullet-time effect of freezing guests in motion. For years, multi-camera systems have been used as a special effects tool in movies like the "The Matrix" or major sporting events to capture the best time-stopping action moments but now we've made it possible to capture the action at at any event! Our standard package includes the Multi-Cam Booth, an on-site technician, custom branding of the digital 3-D GIF output, and a social media station for instant sharing of GIFs. Options to add a specially designed curved backdrop, greenscreen, 3-D animated overlays or a physical printer are also available.

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    Mashbooths Modern Photo Booth was fantastic! It made our event so much more fun! Our guests had a blast and we would definitely hire Mashbooths again!

    Event Planners Association, NYC Chapter

    Such awesome guys! I had a large, private event with A-list talent. they were so professional and accommodating. They made sure everyone had an awesome time and had plenty...


    It was great! Great service, prompt set-up. The entire party was very pleased with the results. The photos looked great, the lighting was perfect, and the gifs were a fun ...

    Her Justice

    Thank you so much for coming out and supporting our event. Our attendees very much enjoyed the photo booth and kept raving about their photos. Your service was flawless an...

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    Elevate your event with high-class real studio photo experiences.

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    Our photo booth rental location covers New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), and California (CA).

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