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Mashbooth photo booth rental - Mash up your brand!

Define Your Brand Through Fun!

At Mashbooths, you will not only get an awesome photo booth service, but you will also get a strategic partner who will help to ensure that your brand becomes more visible and more recognizable. Our team understands the fundamentals of corporate branding and it is our goal to add value at every step of the process. Your promotional materials, your packaging, and your way of communicating are key elements that impact how your brand is perceived to the public. Today, with the advent of social media, delivering your brand message through the right distribution channels is more important than ever before! Contact Us to learn how our photo booths can turn your company event into a "social media sensation".

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4 Ways to "Mash Out" Your Brand

Mashbooth photo booth rental - at a street fair

Fundraising Partnerships!

Are you part of a fundraiser or small start-up looking to raise capital? As a corporate partner of Mashbooths, we can help your organization gain instant and affordable local publicity by displaying your event photos practically everywhere that we can generate significant website traffic. Getting featured on our Photo Feed, in our sponsorship gallery, or even on all our social media accounts are excellent ways to shine light on your need to gain more capital.

Mashbooth photo booth rental - your logo as backdrop

Company Logo Backdrop

We can do both 1) open booth ("Red Carpet Style") and 2) fully enclosed booth set-ups with your company logo custom printed on the backdrop. Either set-up will ensure your logo is displayed on every image taken at your event which eventually end up being shared on social media.

Mashbooth photo booth rental - your company logo displayed on every print

Company Logo Prints

In addition to the backdrop, your company logo can also be displayed on every print taken at your event. Our commercial-grade dye sublimation printer prints lab-quality photos at a rapid speed; providing your guests with a corporate keepsake to take with them instantly.

Mashbooth photo booth rental - Social media upload

Instant Social Media Uploads

Take advantage of the worlds largest connections!!! Our booths are designed to be integrated with social media and get your brand going viral! Through our Instant Upload Feature, your brand will be more recognizable in minutes as guests share their photos in their own social networks on Facebook and Twitter.