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Meet the Mashbooth, the Photo Booth Made to "Get Social"

Though it would be our pleasure if everyone had the chance to experience the magic and fun of the Mashbooth, our team is the first to admit that our photo booths are not for everyone. If picture quality is not all that important to you, then you might be better off with the typical point-and-shoot (auto-mode) style photo booth rental service (and that's totally fine). But if your main concern is the quality of your prints, then the Mashbooth is a photo booth you should definitely consider. When plans to design a better photo booth began a few years ago, our top priority was to figure out how our booth could produce the highest quality of pictures possible without the constant need of a

photographer to make adjustments to the aperture, ISO, and shutter speed settings of the camera. For those of you who are not so familiar with photography terms, aperture, ISO, and shutter speed mean everything in taking a great picture! In fact, the ability of a photographer to adjust these settings "on the fly" often determines the difference between an amateur vs. a world class professional. So how did we overcome this challenge to produce the highest quality of pictures possible without a photographer constantly standing by?...we optimized everything else in our booth to work for the camera and not against it! Over the course of several months of testing at private

parties and company events, we redesigned our photo booth with different components, including: light sources, cameras, booth cases, printers, and even booth material. Although this work was tedious, expensive, and prolonged the release of our photo booth to the general public, the result is a photo booth that produces the high quality pictures that all our customers deserve!

"Thank you so much for coming out and supporting our event. Our attendees very much enjoyed the photo booth and kept raving about their photos. Your service was flawless and look forward to working with you in the future!" ~Google, Inc.

"Everyone really loved the photo booth! The technicians were all on time and very professional – they got the booth up and running very quickly. I really loved that you had so many props to choose from as I’ve seen other photo booth companies that come with limited props." ~Time Warner Center

"Wow! Your set-up is so professional! We loved your Photobooth and all the fun props! Thank you!" ~Bonnie Edelman, World-Renowned Photographer

"The Mashbooth is great product!!! We will definitely be using Mashbooths Again for future events!" ~Pfizer Corporate Headquarters

"Mashbooths Modern Photo Booth was fantastic! It made our event so much more fun! Our guests had a blast and we would definitely hire Mashbooths again!" ~ Event Planners Association, NYC Chapter

"Mashbooth is the photo booth of the future. It's larger, so you can comfortably fit a good group for an awesome group pic. It's all hooked up to Facebook and Instagram so you can literally post pics to your account right then and there." ~Alex B.

"Mashbooths is by far one of the best decisions I made on my wedding day and definitely the best photo booth vendor in New York City right now!!!" ~Anna P.

"Mashbooths was a huge hit at our wedding!!! Our guests were raving about how much fun it was to take group photos and share them instantly on social media!!! I couldn't have asked for better service and quality." ~Rachel R.

More Reasons Why Mashing is Better

Quality, Quality, Quality!!!

...oh, and did I say quality? Using an 18 mega-pixel Canon DSLR and optimal flash lighting, the Mashbooth captures unforgettable moments and produces stunning, high-quality pictures. But wait, we didn't stop there!!! When designing the Mashbooth, our team considered every element of our photo booth we could improve on. We added top-of the-line LEDs, stitched on the best light-enhancing fabric, found the coolest backdrops, and then worked on the photo booth software until the pictures came out nothing short of perfection! Bottom line, we absolutely guarantee there is no other photo booth out there than can produce better picture quality than a Mashbooth!

photo booth rental for wedding in NYC, Manhattan and Westchester County

On-Site Instant Lab Quality Prints

No more waiting for weeks or months at a time to get your prints!!! Our commercial dye-sublimation printer will give your guests something to take with them INSTANTLY! Giving your guests a personalized custom print to leave with makes a world of difference in making an event standout! With the MashFormal package, they will be leaving with as many prints as they want as though you have your own personal film developing lab for your event!

More Space for Mashing than Ever!!!

The Mashbooth isn't just something cool to have at a party, it's something that starts the party!!! With approximately 5 feet by 5 feet of space inside the Mashbooth, it can accomodate up to 8 guests at a time. Just think about how outrageous it can get with a bunch of your buddies being in an enclosed space....but hey, don't take my word for it. Have you had the chance to scroll through our photo feed? ...Exactly!

Live Viewing Touch-Screen Monitor

Black & White or Color? Wouldn't it be nice to be in control of your own photos at an event? ...well now you can! Our Live Photo Viewing Monitor and its easy-to-use Touch Screen Interphase will give your guests the option to go vintage (black & white) or vibrant (in color) with their photos. The screen will also prompt your guests between photos to get ready to smile and pose. Bottom line, they'll be able to take pictures when they want and how they want without the awkwardness of a stranger staring at them.

Whimsical Hand-Crafted Party Props

If you can dream it, we can make it! Whether it's a classic mustache, fluorescent glasses, or our never disappointing "Hot" pink sign, our props provide you and your guests with the opportunity to make yourphotos unique!!! Choose from the standard props we provide or take it a step further and order props that go with a specific theme. When it comes to props, the Mashbooths Team goes all out! Just let us know what you want us to do. We can't wait to hear some of the awesome ideas you have in mind!!!

Talent from a Dedicated and Hardworking Team

We firmly believe that our success is built on our team members. Our company is composed of industry professionals of various backgrounds, including: photography, graphic design, advertising, programming, engineering and finance to name a few. From the moment you book us for your event, you can expect a highly trained team of talented "Mash Techs" to work endlessly (behind the scenes) on graphic design, styling, props, software, and of course, your photo booth setup and breakdown for your event. Our team is dedicated to providing first class service from start to finish. To us, it's all about delivering the "wow" factor!

Social-Media Ready

Pose. Print. Tag. In today's world of social media, it just aint a real party until your friends are talking about it on social media! Get "social" with the ability of our photo booths to upload your photos directly to your email or to your Facebook and Twitter account (so long as there is wifi access of course). Through our Instant Upload Feature, your party will be more than just the talk of the town, it will be the talk of the social media universe!!!

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